I began this series by documenting (with photography) areas of Oakley Creek (Auckland, New Zealand) near where I work and live. The site is of historical and environmental import. I was especially interested in the Mount Albert end where the restoration is not yet complete. Studies from the photographs produced a series of works that described the reflective, still- even stagnant, twisted, knotted & overgrown qualities of the site. I was thinking on the descriptions of the still and silent river in Heart of Darkness, of Virilio talking about the tyranny of silence (that a sound of gun fire is less terrifying than silence in jungle warfare), of Ernst’s love, fear and adoration of the forest as a site of great beauty and terror. This pretty humble and once neglected inner-city waterway seemed to me to witness some violent upheavals in a relatively short space of time, while settlement, immigration, commerce, expansion, consumption, – lives – formed around it .


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